You’ve just got your brand new kitchen worktops and they’re just as perfect and shiny as you dreamed they would be! But how do you stop your worktops from looking like this?

Well although it’s not easy to fix on your own, there are some steps you can take to prevent common forms of damage from appearing on your beautiful worktops.

1. Worktop Cracks

Edge cracks often occur when you have heavy kitchen cabinets or appliances that are sitting on the edges of your kitchen worktop. If you intend to use heavy appliances on the worktop, then it is essential to ensure it is reinforced with additional support to reduce the risk of cracks or stop the cracks from getting any worse. If however you do find a crack, then your best option is to contact a surface repair specialist like Masterteck Repair. Surface repair specialists have years of experience and professional equipment at their disposal, and are able to make cracked surfaces look almost as good as new in a matter of hours.

2. Water Damage

Water build up can happen with any kitchen worktop, especially around the sink. It can be frustrating when no amount of scrubbing or cleaning will remove it. The trick is there is no trick! You must contact a surface repair specialist who will use an acid that will completely remove the water stain from wooden worktops. They’ll treat the surface and seal it with protection to help prevent future damage. Similarly, with other materials such as granite or marble, they will be sanded and polished to it’s original beauty, then if necessary the design will be reconstructed right down to the finest of veins in the marble. When cleaning worktops it is best to use antibacterial surface wipes or warm water (Do not soak, use scouring pads or anything harsh). 

3. Hot Dish Burns

There is nothing more upsetting than picking up a hot dish and seeing a nasty stain on your new kitchen worktop. Any worktop can be damaged by heat if the dish is hot enough.  How you fix the problem is determined by the material of your worktop. If you find a burn to your worktop, then a surface repair specialist is your best option. They will make the burn disappear on site while you make yourself a cuppa and breaaatthee.. 

4. Sad Looking Stone 

Many home owners find that the stone on their countertop starts to dull, considerably faster than they may have anticipated. Sometimes this can be a sign of the cleaning chemicals you have used (It’s not your fault- there can be all sorts hidden in these products!). A professional surface repair company can polish your stone worktop to its original sheen, back to the one you fell in love with when chose it. 

5. Accidents 

Unfortunately, from time-to-time accidents can occur leaving eyesores on your kitchen worktop, and we know all too well how once you know it’s there, you will never unsee it! Whether it be the scissors slip, spilling liquids that can stain such as bleach or oven cleaner, forgetting to use a chopping board or even an angry wife with a knife (not joking!)

A surface repair company will repair any and all of your damages, taking away your stress and the eyesore all in one go


Hopefully now you are a bit more aware of the potential problems that can destroy your beautiful new kitchen worktops. The key here is to focus on preventing these problems before they start just with some minor tweaks to your everyday kitchen use. If you follow some of these tips then your kitchen will love you for it!