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Masterteck Furniture Restoration

UK based furniture restoration


Wood Refinishing:

Uncover the natural beauty of your wooden furniture with our expert wood refinishing services. Our seasoned team is adept at employing meticulous techniques to breathe new life into your cherished pieces. Whether your furniture has endured years of wear and tear, accumulated unsightly scratches, or suffered water damage, we have the skills and knowledge to restore them to their former glory. Our refinishing process goes beyond aesthetics, as we focus on preserving the integrity of the wood, ensuring longevity, and enhancing its overall resilience. Trust us to bring out the inherent warmth and richness of your wooden furniture, creating a timeless appeal that complements any interior.

Antique Restoration:

Preserve the legacy of your beloved antiques with our specialized antique restoration services. Recognizing the historical and sentimental value of these timeless pieces, our team takes a meticulous approach to ensure their authenticity and charm are maintained throughout the restoration process. From centuries-old heirlooms to vintage finds, we understand the delicate nature of antique furniture and tailor our restoration methods to honour their unique history. Our skilled craftsmen utilize authentic techniques, careful repairs, and quality materials to breathe life back into your antiques, allowing you to showcase these treasures proudly. Entrust us with your antique restoration needs, and let us revitalize these pieces while safeguarding their cultural significance and inherent beauty for generations to come.


Why Choose MasterTeck Repair for Furniture Restoration?


Expertise: With years of experience, our skilled artisans possess a deep understanding of various furniture styles and materials, ensuring top-notch restoration services. Quality Materials: We use high-quality materials and finishes to enhance the longevity and beauty of your furniture, giving it a renewed lease on life. Custom Solutions: Every piece is unique, and we tailor our restoration approach to meet the specific needs of your furniture, delivering personalized and effective solutions. Restore, revive, and rejuvenate your furniture with MasterTeck Repair’s Furniture Restoration Services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us transform your beloved pieces into timeless treasures.

Furniture Repair and Restoration

We can repair and restore various types of furniture.

Whether your surfaces are stained or scratched, we can make them look good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our repairs are permanent; however they are dependent on the after care and wear and tear. Our repairs are completed to the highest standard which are signed off and approved by you. After each repair you will be given an aftercare leaflet which will advise you on our Do’s and Don’t’s.

Please do not be tempted to touch the repair for a minimum of 24 hours to allow it to fully dry, otherwise the one year warranty will not be valid. In addition to this, a lot of cleaning products contain high levels of harsh abrasives and chemicals which can tamper with the repairs. We commonly advise to just use warm soapy water to clean surfaces unless we specify otherwise.

Yes, and our repairs are significantly cheaper than replacing uPVC! Whether you want to change the colour of your frame completely or you just want to give a new lease of life to your home exterior, we can repair and spray uPVC windows and doors to any colour or sheen you like.

UPVC is a material which is incredibly durable, has great thermal efficiency and sound insulation, so we can see why it is so popularly used for windows and doors even 180 years after it was first used in the Victorian era!

Yes, we can resurface your acrylic bathtub as well as fibreglass, plastic, enamel or steel (we weren’t joking when we said we can repair ANY surface and material!) With our expert matching specialists, we will ensure exact texture and colour to your bathtub repair as well as using reinforcement agents to make the repair endure years of contact with water.

We strongly advice against using any DIY repair kits you find online, many customers who have needed a bath repair have made the damage substantially worse by trying to fix it with these types of kits.

Yes! It is not uncommon for pan burns, scratches, chips, cracks and even water damage to appear on a wooden worktop. In fact, more than 30% of our jobs are for wood repairs. Our team are specialists with over 20 years’ experience in French Polishing, the art of treating wood. You can get a free no-obligation quote today by sending us a picture of the damage. You can do this through our website, our email address or Whatsapp.

So please don’t worry if your countertop is damaged, no matter what nature of wood. We will make it disappear for a fraction of the price of replacing!

Marble- The stone for the Emperors and Gods! We know all too well how upsetting it can be to find a damage in your marble or granite surface. Not only can the damage be an eyesore, but in most cases, marble is one of the most expensive stones to replace.

Every piece of stone is unique but luckily for you, even with the complexity and characteristics of marble and granite, our highly skilled team can repair it to look as good as new by filling, finishing and reconstructing even up to the smallest veins.