Are your UPVC windows and doors in need of some TLC? MasterTeck Repair is here to help! In this guide, we’ll walk you through five essential UPVC repairs that every London homeowner should know. From fixing drafty windows to repairing broken hinges, we’ve got you covered.

UPVC Respray

Fixing Drafty Windows:

  1. Drafty windows can lead to energy loss and higher heating bills. Seal gaps around the frame with weatherstripping or silicone sealant to keep the cold air out and the warmth in.

Replacing Broken Handles:

  1. If your UPVC door handles are broken or worn out, replacing them is a relatively simple task. Choose new handles that match the style and colour of your existing hardware for a seamless look.

Repairing Faulty Locks:

  1. A faulty lock can compromise the security of your home. If your UPVC door lock isn’t working properly, it may just need some adjustment or lubrication. If that doesn’t solve the problem, consider replacing the lock altogether.

Adjusting Misaligned Doors:

  1. Misaligned UPVC doors can be a real nuisance. Check the hinges and adjust them as needed to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly. If the hinges are damaged, they may need to be replaced.

Sealing Leaky Joints:

  1. Leaky joints around UPVC windows and doors can lead to water damage and mold growth. Use silicone sealant to seal any gaps or cracks and prevent water infiltration.

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