Is your flooring looking worse for wear? Before you start thinking about a costly replacement, consider repairing it instead. MasterTeck Repair is here to help with our top five flooring repair tips to transform your space without breaking the bank.

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Fixing Scratches and Scuffs:

  1. Scratches and scuffs are inevitable with hardwood and laminate flooring. Use a wood filler or putty stick to fill in scratches, then sand smooth and touch up with matching stain or paint.

Repairing Water Damage:

  1. Water damage can cause boards to warp or buckle, ruining the appearance of your floor. Replace damaged boards and dry out any moisture to prevent further damage.

Dealing with Loose Tiles:

  1. Loose tiles can be a tripping hazard and detract from the appearance of your floor. Use a tile adhesive to reattach loose tiles and ensure they’re properly secured.

Fixing Squeaky Floorboards:

  1. Squeaky floorboards are a common problem in older homes. Use a screwdriver to tighten any loose screws and eliminate the squeak.

Sealing Gaps and Cracks:

  1. Gaps and cracks in your flooring can let in drafts and moisture, leading to further damage. Use a gap filler or silicone sealant to seal any gaps and prevent future problems.

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